Rotary Peace Essay Competition

Review the resources on this page so that you can successfully understand the intent of the program and requirements of the essay competition.

When people work to create peace in their communities, that change can have a global effect.

What does peace mean to you?

As a humanitarian organization, peace is a cornerstone of our mission. By carrying out service projects and supporting peace fellowships and scholarships, our members take action to address the underlying causes of conflict, including poverty, discrimination, ethnic tension, lack of access to education, and unequal distribution of resources.

Our commitment to peacebuilding today answers new challenges: how we can make the greatest possible impact and how we can achieve our vision of lasting change. We are approaching the concept of peace with greater cohesion and inclusivity, broadening the scope of what we mean by peacebuilding, and finding more ways for people to get involved.

This essay competition is for High School students that want to learn more about peace and can communicate (1) what does peace mean to you, (2) what makes a peaceful community, and (3) how peace can be promoted in your community.

Competition Requirements

Participant must attend all four peace forum sessions (see schedule below).
Submit a 1,000 – 2,000 word essay (single spaces, 12pt Times New Roman font)
Submit the essay by May 18: A link will be provided upon registration.

Essay Prizes

1st Prize: $1,500

2nd Prize: $900

3rd Prize: $500

Peace Forum Schedule

Guest speakers will share their thoughts about Peace over three (3) consecutive weeks on Thursdays at 4pm via Zoom.
• April 20th
• April 27th
• May 4th

An in-person discussion session will be held May 11th at 4:15-5:45pm.

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Rotary’s Six Areas of Focus

Solving real problems takes real commitment and vision. For more than 115 years, Rotary’s people of action have used their passion, energy, and intelligence to take action on sustainable projects. From literacy and peace to water and health, we are always working to better our world, and we stay committed to the end.

Now…it’s your turn.

Irvine Rotary Areas of Focus Clean Water Icon

Clean Water & Sanitation

We support local solutions to bring clean water, sanitation, and hygiene to more people every day. Project ideas: beach/ocean clean-ups, water awareness and conservation, hand-washing/sanitation.

Irvine Rotary Areas of Focus Fighting Disease Icon

Preventing and treating disease

We educate and equip communities to stop the spread of life-threatening diseases like polio, HIV/AIDS, and malaria. Project ideas: Blankets for cancer patients, COVID prevention, blood drives.

Irvine Rotary Areas of Focus Mothers and Children Icon

Saving mothers & children

We expand access to quality care, so mothers and their children can live and grow stronger. Project ideas: meal packaging, nutrition awareness, stopping domestic violence, day-long clinic for dental/vision.

Irvine Rotary Areas of Focus Education Literacy Icon

Improving education & literacy

Rotary aims to strengthen access to basic education and increases literacy for children and adults. Project ideas: book collection/distribution, poetry exhibits, literacy resources for refugees/prisons/other populations.

Irvine Rotary Areas of Focus Developing Economies Icon

Growing local economies

We enhance economies by lifting up everyone in our community, create opportunities for decent and productive work for young and old. Project ideas: vocational training, financial literacy, reducing homelessness.

Irvine Rotary Areas of Focus Peace Icon

Building peace & resolving conflict

Rotary encourages conversations to foster understanding within and across cultures. Project ideas: Mediating conflict, anti-bullying, reducing discrimination, building goodwill between conflicting groups/cultures.

Irvine Rotary in the Community

Community Service Projects

How To Get Involved

Share & Connect
Share & Connect
Connect your family, friends, and organization with Irvine Rotary projects and events.
Reach out to volunteer at a Rotary Club of Irvine service project or fundraiser.
Search for projects that match your passions and donate to causes you love.
Become a Rotarian
Become a Rotarian
Join leaders to take action to create lasting change in Irvine and around the world.