Harish Murthy

President 2020-21 (Email)

Contact the President for partnerships with Rotary Club of Irvine.

Cedric Campbell Rotary Club of Irvine

Cedric Campbell

President-Elect 2021-22

Contact the President-Elect to plan for next Rotary year.

Woody Jones Insurance Rotary Club or Irvine

Woody Jones

Club Service Chair

Contact Service Chair for programs and member outreach.

Joseph Molina Rotary Club of Irvine

Joseph Molina

Club Secretary

Contact Secretary for club processes and standards.

Sheila Steinberg Rotary Club of Irvine

Sheila Steinberg, Ph.D.

Immediate Past President 2019-20

Contact the Immediate Past President for continuity of 2019-20 projects.

Austin Wall Rotary Club of Irvine

Austin Wall


Contact the Sargent-at-Arms for meeting facilitation support.

Joe Alvarez

Club Treasurer (Email)

Contact Treasurer with club finance and dues questions.

Rotary Club of Irvine James Johnson

James Johnson

Rotary Foundation Chair

Contact Foundation Chair for donations and recognition.

Interested in joining the Rotary family?

If you live or do business in the Irvine area, we would love to consider you for membership in the Rotary Club of Irvine.