Jutta Whitaker-Gamboa

President 2023-24 (Email)

Contact the President for partnerships with Rotary Club of Irvine.

Anabella Bonfa Rotary Club of Irvine

Anabella Bonfa

President-Elect 2024-25

Contact the President-elect for future project planning and partnerships.

Joseph Molina Rotary Club of Irvine

Joe Molina

Youth Services Chair

Contact the Youth Services Chair for project involving youth leadership.

Noura Bishay

Publicity Chair

Contact the Publicity Chair to share our work with your audience.

Jane Tittle

Club Secretary

Contact Secretary for club processes and standards.

Ray Benedicktus

Membership Chair

Contact the Membership Chair to refer a member or join Rotary.

Audrey Ishibashi

Club Service Chair

Contact the Club Service Chair to be a speaker or for meeting information.

Community Service Chair

Contact the Community Service Chair for local project ideas and to get involved.

Felix Trinh

Club Treasurer (Email)

Contact Treasurer with club finance and dues questions.

Sheila Steinberg Rotary Club of Irvine

Sheila Steinberg

Vocational Service Chair

Contact the Vocational Service Chair for educational development projects.

David Dave Williams Rotary Club of Irvine

Dave Williams

Rotary Foundation Chair

Contact Foundation Chair for donations and recognition.

International Service Chair

Contact the International Service Chair to plan a global project or grant.

Interested in joining the Rotary family?

If you live or do business in the Irvine area, we would love to consider you for membership in the Rotary Club of Irvine.