Social Safety Bands


Show off your support for the community while communicating your social comfort and social safety status.

Perfect for networking, professional and office meetings, social gatherings, sporting events, school, church, grocery shopping, restaurant dining, and more! 

Set of bands in every order: Green, yellow, and red band in each set

Green: Safe and comfortable with traditional social interactions (handshakes, normal conversational distancing)

Yellow: Respectfully request social distanced interactions (increased personal space, limited contact – i.e., fist bumps)

Red: Indicate your preference or need for limited interactions only as necessary (e.g., a person with co-morbidities or known recent exposure to Covid19)

Rotary builds Peace through encouraging Respect for others. This is such a great way to be considerate by honoring the feelings and opinions of others and to communicate your own comfort level.

How it works:

  • Green band wearers interact freely and respectfully with each other as they would have pre-Covid19.
  • Interactions between two individuals with a green band and a yellow band or both wearing yellow bands are restricted to social distancing guidelines.
  • Interactions with red banded persons are kept to a minimum for respect and personal safety of both persons

Custom imprinting and fundraising opportunity available for other organizations.

Net proceeds are used for Irvine Rotary Foundation grants and programs.

Order multiple sets to cover your whole family or team.

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