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Phone: 818-914-9188
Daniel Tsentsiper
Rotarian | Rotary Club of Irvine

Rotary Club of Irvine Member Summary

Member since 2020

Top Causes: ICOI Peacekeeping Committee, Youth Action Team

Current Professional Role: Student at Berkeley, Founder of Primal Meals, Karate Instructor for OCIGK, Personal Trainer at LA Fitness

Daniel is a self-motivated and proud community college transfer student pursuing a B.S. in Business Administration at the Haas School of Business with an emphasis in financial consulting and entrepreneurship.

Beyond his current studies, Daniel has a passion for education and mentorship. His love for education is reciprocated within his role as an economics and business tutor for the students of Irvine Valley College. Daniel’s innate love for fitness has blessed him with the opportunity to assist his clients in reaching their fitness goals as a Certified Personal Trainer. His decade long devotion to martial arts allows him to share his knowledge of self-defense with OCIGK students.

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