Brad Laddusaw Rotary Club of Irvine
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Phone: 805-795-4574
Bradley Laddusaw
Rotarian | Rotary Club of Irvine

Rotary Club of Irvine Member Summary

Member since 2014 | Paul Harris Society | PH+1

Top Two Causes: Veterans and Mentoring Students

Current Professional Role: Chief Financial Officer at S&L Capital Group

Bradley’s strong communication and people skills and understanding of technical accounting and finance applications allow him to effectively and confidently communicate issues to Investors and Fund Managers that are encountered on a daily basis.  He applies the knowledge obtained during experiences at Ernst & Young, servicing clients in the Real Estate, Home-building, and Retail Consumer Product industries to the current challenges investors face in analyzing market trends, financial statement analysis and ultimately structuring a diversified portfolio.

Bradley holds an active CPA license and Real Estate Broker’s license in the State of California and is currently a Level II CFA Candidate.

Contact Bradley for real-estate investment insights or sponsorship of the Irvine Classic Charity Golf Tournament.

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